Verbalize - Photo and Audio Sharing

Verbalize is the newest and most exciting social networking app to hit the App Store. Not only can you share your photos with your friends and family, but you can record a short audio clip of approximately five seconds to accompany your photo. Never again will you have to fumble with a small keyboard or struggle with speech-to-text to describe your photo to your followers. Just record a quick audio clip and it will be added to your photo, all with only one hand. Now you can share the moment as if your friends and family were actually there. In Verbalize your news feed is called the Pic Feed™. This is your feed for the photos and audio clips you and your followers share. You can just enjoy the photos if you are in a "quiet" setting or you can also listen to the accompanying audio clips to enjoy the full experience. We have many improvements and features coming in future updates so be sure to keep the app updated. We appreciate your patience while we continue development with more features that we are sure you will enjoy. Remember: If a picture is worth a thousand words, don't just type them..... Verbalize them!