Ever wondered how much Life and Money you waste from cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs? SafeChoice is the #1 way to keep track of what substances you consume each day, and how they effect both your health and finances. With cooperation from various charities not only can you discover more of the effects, but even speak to counselors to ask questions and get support. All completely FREE! Usage instructions: 1) Simply open the app file 2) Click on the date 3) Select the substance, for example Alcoholic Drink 4) Input the amount you had, and the price you paid 5) Press submit The home screen will keep a track of what you have consumed by week, month, and year! Set a target: 1) Click SET A TARGET at top of screen 2) Select the substance, for example Cigarette 3) Input the maximum amount you will have this week (7 days from time you start) 4) Input the amount of money it will cost you If you stay under this target then SafeChoice will display Money Saved and Life Saved. Please note that these are estimations only. We take no responsibility for your usage of this app.